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    XML Files (Excel 2003)

    Hello! I received an XML document that I typically open in excel and would like to have it open with the headers in a different format (please see attached). Right now, when I open the document, the order starts with address, then cell phone, then CFO region, etc. I would like for it to open in a more logical order (i.e., First name, MI, Last Name, Address, etc). Is there a way for me to do this? Your help is really appreciated! :-)
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    Re: XML Files (Excel 2003)

    Hi dory

    There is no XML map attached to this Excel file so for this to work you have to add an XML map to the workbook

    1) On the Data menu, click XML
    2) Click XML Source
    3) On the XML Source pane
    i) Click XML Maps
    ii) Click Add
    4) Select your XML file
    5) Click Open
    6) Click OK to add the XML map

    You must then map cells to elements in the XML map by simply highlighting the cell or range of cells and dragging the element from the map to your selection of cells.

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