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    Numbering hyperlinks (Word/2007)

    I'm not very experienced with word 2007. My boss asked me to put a book that we have in word using hyperlinks for each chapter.
    He also wants a table of contents for this. So i'm
    trying to create a table of contents using hyperlinks as the headings for
    each chapter. What I did was I used
    hyperlinks to the documents for each header. Now when I insert the table of
    content it says its on pages 1-3 or whatever. The documents that are hyperlinked
    are many pages long and I need this to show up in the table of contents. I also
    want the hyperlinked documents to have page numbers that align to the table of
    contents. Any idea how to manage this?

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    Re: Numbering hyperlinks (Word/2007)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    I gather from your description that you have a separate document for each chapter. If you want to create a document with a Table of Contents (TOC) spanning all chapters, you can put an RD field for each chapter into the TOC document. The TOC will then pick up the headings and page numbers from the individual documents. It would be your own responsibility to adjust the page numbers in each document.

    If you want to include the documents into a single document, you can use the master document / subdocuments feature. This was rather flaky in early versions of Word, but steadily improved, so perhaps it's safe to use it in Word 2007.

    Note: there's no need to break lines manually, your browser will take care of that. You only need to press Enter in a post here when you want to start a new paragraph - as in Word.

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