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    Subform questions (Access 2003)

    I have a subform which shows details of a lottery draw. I want to draw attention to a particular row by changing the background colour of the fields. When I tried this, the colour changed for the whole column not just the field in the active row.
    1. How do I refer to a field in a row, one field of which contains the cursor?
    2. Is there a way of changing the background colour of all the fields in this row at once?
    3. Member details are selected by random access; what event is best to perform actions when the user moves to another record? (I am displaying member records using the method suggested by Hans in his posting 558007 here )

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    Re: Subform questions (Access 2003)

    1/2. See the database attached to <post#=382,292>post 382,292</post#> - it contains several examples of highlighting records in a continuous form, one of them shows how to highlight the current record.

    3. When the user moves to another record, the On Current event occurs. You can create an event procedure for this event.

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