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    Calcing worksheet with filter (Excep 2003 )

    I have a workbook with two sheets. The first sheet has about 12,000 rows and 10 columns. The second sheet also has about 12,000 rows but only 1 column. I am doing a vlookup to find if a number in one column on the first sheet is in the second. Not a problem.

    My problem is that I have an auto filter on the first sheet. If I change what I am filtering on it appears that the entire work sheet is recalculating, This takes 30 seconds on my poor little machine. Does anyone have any idea why this is being recalculated when no data is being changed?



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    Re: Calcing worksheet with filter (Excep 2003 )

    This is a new "feature" in Excel 2003: each time you change a filter, the worksheet is recalculated, even if there is no need for it. You can press Esc immediately after changing the filter to cancel the recalculation, or you can set calculation to manual temporarily in the Calculation tab of Tools | Options...

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