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Thread: Form (2003)

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    Form (2003)

    I want to create a form in Word, ask questions by providing check box. Whenever users select correct option or incorrect option, i want a pop-up message to say whether the answer is correct or incorrect. And i also want the form to generate results/score after submitting the form.

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    Re: Form (2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounger!

    Are you sure that you want to do this in Word? Although it's possible, Word is not the ideal application to build a questionnaire in.
    Excel has the advantage that it's much easier to keep track of the score using formulas.
    PowerPoint can provide a slicker interface (but keeping track of the score is more work).
    Access has the advantage that you can store the results for multiple users in an easy-to-analyze table.

    And there are many free or cheap quiz/questionnaire/survey applications, either stand-alone or web-based, a Google search will turn them up.

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