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    Access for Project Management (2000/2003)

    I recently left my company to become an independent contractor. Things are going well but I've hit a snag on using something to track my various projects for each client. I have MS Project 2003 and tried to use it but it's not going too well. I'm having too much difficulty getting Project to do the more simpler parts of Project Management I need and more importantly to stop changing various things (ie %Complete) when I do something else with the project/task and did not want anything else changed. I believe Project is just overkill for what I need when it comes to the details and lacking when it comes to the summary or Project level info I need.

    I'm hoping that perhaps there is an Access DB available to perform the simple project management I need to do. I've looked at Microosft's Access 2003 templates, specifically the Time & Buiulling and Service Call Management DB's and while both are good, neither by themselves does what I need. The Time & BIlling is the closest but to what I'd like but it's not got quite enough detail options and I do not see any Client level Project management.

    Does anyone know of either some websites I can get Access Templates (no charge) or better yet an existing Access DB that does what I'm looking for?

    Thank You

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    Re: Access for Project Management (2000/2003)

    There's a free Project Management database at (but you'd have to pay if you want the source code so that you can customize it).

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