We use OL 2K/Exchange with the RTF mail format for our intranet email. I've created a signature (Tools/Options/Mail Format/Signature Picker/New/Advanced Edit) that includes both a mail address and a corporate logo (gif). It appears correctly in Word, but in the Preview window Signature Picker, the image is not visible and the email is formatted like this: "file_delete@hotmail.com <mailto:file_delete@hotmail.com>" (minus the quotes). When the signature is used on a message, the logo shows up fine, but the address is shows up with the previous text, all formatted as a hyperlink. Only the mailto portion of this text is a hyperlink. This is NOT what I want.

But wait, it gets better. When I edit the signature (Tools/Options/Mail Format/Signature Picker/New/Advanced Edit), it shows up EXACTLY as I want it to, including the embedded mailto hyperlink and image. If I remove the hyperlink, then there's no link in the signature. If I edit the signature (Tools/Options/Mail Format/Signature Picker/Edit), I can get the address formateed as "mailto:file_delete@hotmail.com", which will be a link in the email signature , but then the graphic is gone.

I need to get this working properly so that we can use signatures with the mailto link and logo for our company's 'identity program'. Help!