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    MAC Address Where? (Home Basic)

    Went over to a friend's house yesterday to setup wireless access to her Comcast Internet service through her new Toshiba laptop and a Linksys router. First time I've worked with a Vista PC, so it took a while, but I finally got her up and running. The one thing I was totally unable to find was the MAC address for the laptop's wireless adapter (the last time I did this setup with Comcast, I had to "clone" the adapter's MAC address in the router, but that was with an XP laptop). In case I need to "clone" this laptop, where would I find the MAC address of the wireless adapter?

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    Re: MAC Address Where? (Home Basic)

    Go to Start, Right click 'Network' and select 'Properties'
    The on the line Connection...........Local area Connection.....View status
    Click "View status" and then the "Details" button.

    This should give you all the info that you want.

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