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    Track Changes (Windows XP 2003)

    We need to show track changes in our documents by showing change bars on the left-hand side and inserted text shown as blue (deleted text isn't displayed at all). Unfortunately, we can't get the inserted text to show as any colour other than black. We can set the Track Changes options/Insertions to show colour and set the colour to blue, but when the inserted text is typed, it still remains black. When opening the Track Changes options again, it has reset to the (none) and Custom options. Incidentally, we can't get the changed lines to show in any colour other than black either. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Track Changes (Windows XP 2003)

    Try running this macro (you should have to do it only once):

    Sub SetTrackChangeMarking()
    With Application.Options
    .DeletedTextMark = wdDeletedTextMarkNone
    .InsertedTextMark = wdInsertedTextMarkColorOnly
    .InsertedTextColor = wdBlue
    .RevisedLinesMark = wdRevisedLinesMarkLeftBorder
    .RevisedLinesColor = wdBlue
    End With
    End Sub

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