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    Hyperlink to the root of a CD (Word 2000)

    I am writing an instructional Word document that will be burned onto a CD for distribution. I am trying to create a Hyperlink in Word that would then be converted to a PDF file, that reads the Root directory of the CD where other files of graphics and videos will be located. Since all computers have differnet slots for the CD I'm not sure how to do this. Thank you

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    Re: Hyperlink to the root of a CD (Word 2000)

    You don't need to know the drive letter if you know how far down the tree your source file is. For instance if your hyperlink needs to go to the parent folder for a file "..file.doc" should work because two full stops is the folder above the current location. If you needed to go up two levels then "....file.doc" would get you to the right place. Using the same principals you could go up two and down one by using "....foldernamefile.doc"
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