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    The svchost.exe process that runs when XP boots is causing a big delay when performing Start, Shutdown. As soon as you click Shutdown from the Start button, it takes several minutes for the dialog box to appear where you can choose Restart, Shutdown, or Log Off. I eliminated svchost.exe in the Task List and the problem went away. Multiple instances of svchost.exe is running on the Task List and I ended the one using the most memory. Is there a way to disable svchost.exe from running when XP boots?

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    Re: SVCHOST.EXE (XP Pro SP2)

    "Is there a way to disable svchost.exe from running when XP boots?"

    Shouldn't think so. Anyhow it is better to try to find what is running underneath your particular instance of svchost.exe, and thus causing this.

    I you download and run Process Explorer (from former Sysinternals, now MS) you can take a look at the processes that are running.

    If you hover with the mouse above a svchost.exe process you will find a balloon tip showing which services are running in that process. That and many other info. can be found by right-clicking a process and selecting "Properties...". Services are found on the "Services-tab", one can also take a look at the threads-tab to look for unusual CPU activity. But in your case maybe there is no activity, and just some program waiting for an answer to close.

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