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    Default E-mail (Vista Home Premium)

    I use sbc yahoo mail as my email client. I am trying to make it my default email and Vista won't allow it. Is there a workaround for this? The reason I am pursuing this is so that if I'm at a site and I want to use that sites "email us" link then sbc yahoo mail will automatically open to compose the mail. As it is right now Windows mail opens. I've tried changing file associations and default programs within Vista. Under default programs sbc yahoo mail isn't even listed.

    If there is no way around this then can someone please tell me how to import my email folders from sbc into Windows mail and my favorites? If I could do this I could just use Windows mail instead.



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    Re: Default E-mail (Vista Home Premium)

    I believe that Yahoo Mail is a web based mail service, and as such, you can't specify it to be your default mail client. As you say, "under default programs sbc yahoo mail isn't even listed" as it is not a program installed on your computer.

    As for importing folders from sbc into Windows Mail, I don't think that's possible but someone else may have an answer.
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