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    Problems when Replying (Win 98 SE)

    Lately, I have a problem with the receiver being able to read my message if I use "Reply to". If I send the same message using "New Message" it comes thru OK. I think the problem started after I upgraded to IE 5.5. I have un and Reinstalled Outlook Express but it did not help.

    Anybody got a solution?

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    Re: Problems when Replying (Win 98 SE)

    I think I have solved my problem, with indirect help from this forum.

    It seems that I created the problem when I turned off "Include message with reply", this fouls up the character set being used. See MS Article Q230224.
    I found that by following a sugestion for Additionl info on Outlook Express in another post, which lead me to where I found the info even tho I had previously searched the MS Knowledge Base.

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