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    Table note numbering (2003)


    I work in a department that has strict formatting guidelines to reports and other key documents. One area that is taking me more time than it should be (I think?) is the management of table notes. The formatting requirement in my department requires me to include table notes at the bottom of the table. Table notes amplify a particular entry in the table. The way I have done it in the past is to just put a number (that refers to the table note serial) near the text and superscript it it end up looking remarkably like a footnote (but we are not allowed to use footnotes!). The manual production of table notes is not a problem when you only have a small number of table notes.

    The problem I am faced with is that I have a large table with about 15 footnotes. The challenge I face is when I insert rows and/or table notes that then play havoc with the order of the table notes (ideally the notes should be chronological as you read the table). I have experimented with cross-referencing a numbered item (table notes list), but when I insert a row above a table note (which updates the automatic numbering - to simulate the addition of a table note) the cross reference isn't maintained (get error code). I have attached an example table with 'hard' table note cross references and a 'soft' table note cross reference.

    I am keen to find out if there is an 'automatic/updateable' cross reference system that I can use for my table notes.....or if I am destined to continue to use 'hard' cross references.
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    Re: Table note numbering (2003)

    Hi Claude
    I would do this by using a Seq field to create the table note serial number and apply a character style to it to make is superscript. You might decide to use a different sequence name for each separate table or just choose to add a r1 switch to the first one in each table.

    Now to get the cross references to these entries in the 'footnote' table I would create cross-references. Whilst you can do this with the Insert>Cross References>Numbered Items dialog, in practice this is a slow and painful when there are a large number of numbered items in a file so I would do this a different way. Select the source seqence field and RightButton-drag it to your footnote table and choose Link Here. This does two things:
    1. Creates a unique bookmark name around the source text
    2. Creates a link field in the footnote table that points back at the unique bookmark.

    I would then modify this link field to become a more standard Ref field by running a macro like this <pre>Sub temp1()
    Dim aFld As Field, sRef As String, arrCode() As String
    Selection.Expand Unit:=wdSentence
    Set aFld = Selection.Fields(1)
    Debug.Print aFld.Code
    arrCode = Split(aFld.Code, """")
    Debug.Print arrCode(3)
    aFld.Code.text = "Ref " & arrCode(3) & " h"
    End Sub</pre>

    This would also make the number in the footnote table a hyperlink back to the source. You can then add the footnote description normally.
    Once you have done all your footnotes, update all the fields and sort the footnote table by choosing Table>Sort.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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