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    weekends as workdays (2003)

    I have a client asking how to change his project so that weekends are counted as working days. He has tried making changes in tools | change working time, but the changes don't get applied. Unfortunately I have no experience with Project, and don't even have a copy to work with. Any suggestions?


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    Re: weekends as workdays (2003)

    To make weekends working time go to Tools Options and select Change Working time and select the base calendar for the project. Change all Saturdays and Sundays by clicking the day label bar at the top of the column and click the nondefault working time radio button.

    If this makes a change in the total working time for a week from 40 hours to 56 hours go to Tools Options Calendar tab and change the defaults to coordinate with the project base calendar. Duration calculations are based on these values. All durations are broken down to minutes, then converted to days and weeks based on what is set here, not what is set in the base calendar.

    Another option is to use the 24 hour calendar if it is appropriate.

    Bottom line the project base calendar and the the selections in the Calendar tab of Tools Options must synchronize.

    Resources to be using this schedule should also be using for their base calendar the same base calendar as the project base calendar by default resource calendars are based on the Standard Calendar that says they work Monday - Friday 8 hours per day.


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