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    Cross tab queries and report (97 sr2)

    I have a cross tab query that works great. I have created a report for the users to print. The user will enter a date range to print the report which pulls from the cross tab query. Every month could be different for the query. for instance: this month I may have a issue about conflict but not next month. So the field conflict would not appear in the cross tab but it is still on the report. I get an error message when there is not data from the query. How can I get my report to display an 0 and not give me an error message if the field does not exist in the cross tab?

    As always....THANKS!

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    Re: Cross tab queries and report (97 sr2)

    Open the crosstab query in design view.
    Click in an empty part of the upper half of the query design window.
    Activate the Properties window.
    Enter the column headings you want to appear in the query, separated by semi-colons, for example


    If there are no data for a column, it will be blank. If you want zeros, you'll have to use the Nz function in the value field, for example


    You'll have to set the Total option for this column to Expression.

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