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    Install Issue (Project 2003)

    Hi there! Ok, I have a question that is probably already answered somewhere in the archives of Wood'y's. I just haven't been able to find it. Purchased a new laptop and I wanted to install my version of 2003, only its an upgrade and the original 2000 cd has long since disappeared. (I did purchase this legitimately!!!!) This was installed on my old laptop before it did and it is installed on my desktop. So, are there any ideas on how I can install this on my laptop without the qualifying product? Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Install Issue (Project 2003)

    I don't know the exact procedure, and it is reputed to be a pain in the neck, but I suggest that you ask Microsoft the same question.

    The reason is that you presumably registered it at the time, and they will have the magic name and number somewhere in their database. You may have to satisfy them that you are really you, but tell them exactly what you have told us in your post, and above all that you have lost your qualifying CDs (I think it has to be plural if it's 2000, although that may simply be the version I have), and they will take it from there. With luck, you will have a new code number or whatever it takes to install it with the blessing of Microsoft, and that number will let you re-install it if you need to do so, as may be required with a re-install or clean install or umpteen other things.

    I think that all reputable software providers have anticipated this in their procedures. Go straight to Microsoft before you do any worrying.

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