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    Importing Database Query (Excel 2003)

    Hi all!

    I have a poser. My tech just installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my classroom computers, and then reinstalled Microsoft Office 2003 on them. He did my Instructor computer by itself, and then took one of my 23 student computers and installed everything pretty much the same as he did mine, but then he ghosted the other 22 computers from the first student computer. (This is just background info in case it has any bearing on the case)

    Now when I am teaching students how to use the Excel feature (Data...Import External Data...New Database Query) to import an Access table into an Excel worksheet my computer and random other computers attempt to connect (the connect dialog does appear) yet the "Select Database" dialog box that appears with it simply remains white and does not show me my directories as it used to, and when I click on the white box, it then tells me in its title bar that it's not responding. )NOTE: Some computers the attempt goes through and the whole process is okay from start to finish)

    Is there something in the install that would do this? Is there something in the ghosting that could do this? My computer remember was not ghosted so my guess is no to that one...Is there something that needs to be turned on in the Data...Add ins for the connection to take place? Is the info needed on another CD (like with his set, he didn't load the full install of clipart because he said it's on another CD that he didn't have with him)...again, as it is happening on some computers and not others I'm not leaning towards this either...

    I'm at a loss...thought I'd ask around here before I call the tech back to reinstall. Appreciate any feedback!
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    Re: Importing Database Query (Excel 2003)

    Since this is a new installation, I'd simply demand that the technician should do his work properly.

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