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    Fax Wizard

    I'm using Word 2000 with Windows 2000. How can I modify a template that Fax Wizard is using? I thought if I would modify the Professional Fax template that it would change the Professional Fax template that you choose within Fax Wizard. Not the case!

    Thanks for any help you can lend!!!

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    Re: Fax Wizard

    Wizard = template with macros, one of which starts the wizard. It doesn't use any of the templates that come with Word. Think of it as a blank template that has an AutoNew macro (called StartWizard) that asks for user imput, & then continues--ultimately generating a document.

    To modify it, you would do the following:
    1. Learn VBA very well.
    2. Make a copy of the wizard.
    3. Rename the copy with a .dot extension. Now you can right click & open it (the .wiz extension doesn't have an open action associated with it).
    4. Press Alt+F8 (or F11) & you can edit the macros to create a different format or style.
    5. Save the template & rename it with a .wiz extension.

    The hard part is Step 1.[img]/w3timages/icons/hairy.gif[/img]

    Hope this helps.

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