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    Merging data into Word (Word 2003)

    I have a simple "application form" template in word that I want to merge data into from an external Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program (via DDE from GoldMine).
    Setting up the application form as GoldMine merge form and merging the data is not a probem. The problem is more of a layout type thing.

    The "empty" Word template looks something like this:
    Company:______________________ Contact Name: _____________________
    Address:_______________________ City:_________________State:______ Zip:_______

    (eg field labels followed by some underscore characters.)

    When I merge the data in from the external application the resulting Word document looks like:
    Company:_The Company Name___________________________ Contact Name:_Joe Smith________________
    Address:_19712 Smith Street _____________________ etc.

    The data is inserted correctly but it's not underlined and my underscores are "pushed to the right".

    How can I set up this Word template "form" so that my data fields are merged in but my "underscored area" is not affected - it would remain the same length and my data would sit "on top of the underscores".

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


    Dave Dunlap
    Irvine, CA

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    Re: Merging data into Word (Word 2003)

    I would suggest merging with your placeholders in a table - you can apply the borders where you want them and nothing will move around.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Merging data into Word (Word 2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    MMMorrow's suggestion is a good one: with a table, you have much more control over the layout.
    Alternatively, you could use underlining (in Format | Font) instead of underscores.

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