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    Text overlap (Powerpoint Office 2003)

    I have been designing powerpoints for work and when I'm finished they look fine. All images are spread out evenly and the text boxes are seperated and everything looks fine, but when they are opened in another computer the text boxes overlap and there will be words on top of words. Why does this happen? As I said, when I finish and look over every page, everything looks fine so why does this happen when they're opened in another computer and what can I do to prevent/stop this?


    *The other computers have the same version of powerpoint.

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    Re: Text overlap (Powerpoint Office 2003)

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    Did you use non-standard fonts in your presentation? If so, and if some of those fonts are not available on the other PCs, PowerPoint will substitute an available font, but this may have different layout, line spacing etc. To avoid this, either use only standard fonts or tick the check box to include TrueType fonts in the presentation in the Save tab of Tools | Options...

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