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    Append Query (2003)


    I have a employee table & system login information table in my database. The relationships between those two tables are one to one. Before I create the database, those information are store in a excel file. I have import the excel file into my database as a table. Now I want to append the table (includes employee & system login information) from excel file data to two tables (employee & system Login information). How should I do it?

    I did try to create a query to have all the fields from employee & system login information table. So I can use append query to append data, however the append query only can append to table, not query.



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    Re: Append Query (2003)

    Hello Gary,

    You'll have to create two append queries: one to append some fields from the Excel table to the employee table, and one to append other fields from the Excel table to the system login information table. You cannot do both in one query.

    Note: in general, I try to avoid one-to-one relationships. It's much easier to store the information in one table, and if you have too many fields for one table, it's time to rethink the design.

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