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    Newbie (excel 2003)

    I have been tasked to create a spreadsheet that tracks all the Academic Tasks in my office. I have gotten the list done and the page looks pretty good but my question is how do i go about making a checkbox that when clicked it puts a strike through the whole line and changes the color of the words say like from red to blue with a strike through when the task is completed. But here is the tricky part i cant figure out. how can i make it so that when i un-cklick the checkbox it returns the text line back to normal? i just cant figure it out. someone help please

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    Re: Newbie (excel 2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Putting a check box in many rows is not very easy in Excel. You could simply enter an x in a column to indicate that a task is completed. To change the formatting, you can use conditional formatting.

    In the attached workbook, the same conditional formatting has been applied to all cells in the range A237. It will change the font to green and strike through if the cell in column D in the same row contains "x". Click in any cell in the range A237 and select Format | Conditional Formatting... to see the condition, then click Format... to see the format I specified.'

    Feel free to ask more questions if needed.
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