THIS IS NOT A VITAL QUESTION, just a curiosity question, since we only have (probably!) two paths in our organization where the runtime-switched MSAccess.exe seems to be getting installed, but "$(ARTFolder)MSAccess.exe" -- wherefore art thou, and how can I find out?

I have found references to both AppPath and ARTFolder as "macros," although there are several registry entries for several "AppPath's." I have not found any reference to "ARTFolder" while searching through a couple of computers' registries. Of course, the "$(ARTFolder)" may be only of interest to the Access runtime install program.

Does anyone have any idea where I can begin to pick information up? As it is, I'm looking at two hard-coded paths. I've googled and I've MSDN'd and ... I might not have gotten everywhere, but I think I've searched pretty much