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    Consistent color, Word and PDF? (Word 2003 SP2)

    As a graphic designer, I have supplied a logo to a client who wants to insert it into Word documents and then output them as PDF files. Trouble is, the single flat color of the logo doesn't match in Word and the PDF file (the PDF is darker and greener). Normally I might be more help, but in this instance the client is working on a PC, while I'm on a Mac. The client uses Word 2003 (SP2), Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional (7.0.8 ) and Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

    Can anybody advise me on how to instruct the client to set up Word and Acrobat to maintain the same color in each?

    I have supplied the original logo in various formats that work on the Mac (eg, EPS and PDF), but Word apparently doesn't work with these formats and offers to convert them to something else; for some reason TIFF files apparently don't work in Word either. The client has the best success with JPEG files.


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    Re: Consistent color, Word and PDF? (Word 2003 SP2)

    There are a multitude of places that this problem could be occuring. Colour control is a huge topic. If the client prints both the PDF and Word document from the same PC to the same printer using the same printer driver and the logo changes colour then I would look at the Distiller settings that have been chosen. Was the logo a CMYK or RGB format when placed into Word? Does this correspond with the Distiller Settings?

    Word will happily place an EPS or a TIFF. Of course, you can't see the EPS without a tiff header. The real problem with EPS files is that many PCs don't print to a Postscript printer (which are more expensive) and therefore you only get the low-res tiff version assuming you included one in the EPS. Without seeing the logo, my personal preference for a graphic format would be a high-resolution, low-colour PNG. Alternatively, your could embed the graphic in a vector-based format in a Mac Word file and then port that file onto the PC then you should get the best of both worlds.
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    Re: Consistent color, Word and PDF? (Word 2003 SP2

    If it's a single flat color I concur with PNG as the format of choice.

    I don't use Acrobat, but I know that in FinePrint pdfFactory, I can choose to have the PDF emulate a particular printer, and this in theory could cause a different color profile to be used than the one Word uses for on-screen display. There might be a way around that with Acrobat, but someone else will have to explore that possibility.

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    Re: Consistent color, Word and PDF? (Word 2003 SP2)

    This screen shot is from the advanced setup options in PDFMaker from Acrobat 8, I assume that version 7 has a similar set of configuration options.

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