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    Macro to invoke a 3rd party add-in's feature? (Excel 2002 )

    I have a number of useful Excel add-ins, some of which involve invoking wizards or other user forms. Some add-ins are password protected and some aren't. Is it possible for me to be able to invoke one of the add-ins macros with my own macro?

    For example: an add-in has a very cool charting wizard, but accessing it requires plowing through many, not always logically organised menus and submenus. I'd like to create a command button to invoke the wizard more quickly.

    I'd appreciate any advice.

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    Re: Macro to invoke a 3rd party add-in's feature? (Excel 2002 )

    Try setting a reference to the add-in in Tools | References...
    The add-in should be listed below the references that have already been set.
    You can then use the Object Browser (F2) to see which macros and functions are available in the add-in. You may want to contact the developer of the add-in to ask if information about using those macros and functions is available, otherwise you'll have to work it out yourself.

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