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    Template with two-page layout (Office 97/2000)


    In my organization we're using pre-printed large folded forms as a kind of combined case-jacket and routing-slip. Apart from keeping the relevant papers together, pertinent notes and internal memo-text are either hand-written or printed on the folded form.
    I am struggling a bit with a template/VBA macro for use with these forms. The template needs to address the following layout-issues intelligently.

    1) The first page is the only one pre-printed with subject, journal and routing information. Laterally, this leaves a little more than half the page (right-side) open for printing on the first page. The following pages are blank.
    2) Vertically, the starting point for inserting comments will vary according to the amount of information that has been entered previously. Again, as text flows over to a new page, that and the following pages will be blank and normal margins should be used.

    Any suggestions for a two-page template that will cater to these specific needs?
    Aternatively, a few lines of VBA code for automatically sensing that text has overflowed to page 2 would be highly appreciated.

    PS ! I have a working solution for the vertical issue using variable first page header sizing based on user input thus forcing the body of the text further down the page, but with regard to the special first page left margin, I have not found a satisfactory solution. I cannot imagine being the only one dealing with special first page setup, but I have not really seen the issue addressed anywhere.

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    Re: Template with two-page layout (Office 97/2000)

    Hi Thomas,

    Not sure if I'm visualizing the whole thing properly, but something you could try to force a different left margin for page one only is:

    With the document already set up for different first page header/footer, go to the first page header.
    Insert a rectangular graphic object - this can be a textbox or a rectangle, and size and position it so that it blocks off the required extra space in the left margin.
    Right-click on the textbox or rectangle and then click on Format Textbox (or Autoshape, as applicable).
    Make sure that its line property is set to No Line.
    Also, while in the Format Text Box dialog, go to the Layout tab and set the Wrapping Style to either Square or Tight.

    Exit the header. The body of the first page should now behave as if there is a wider left margin; as soon as the text goes onto page two, it will go back to the full page width.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Template with two-page layout (Office 97/2000)

    Hi Thomas,

    Like Gary, I'm having a bit of difficulty picturing what it is you are attempting. I assume that you are printing on either 11x17 paper or A2? Or perhaps this routing slip is just that but is a regular sized sheet of paper folded vertically and leaving the regular papers sticking out from the folded holder / routing slip. (interesting idea)

    Such a folded sheet actually has four separate panels, two outside and two inside.

    Anyway, different first-page issues are normally dealt with using the header/footer functions. See <A target="_blank" HREF=> Different first page header/footer</A> for more information on that. Generally a blank text box in the first page header is used to reserve a wide horizontal space for text on the first page. This could certainly be done in your situation.

    I think a better solution though would be to get away from the preprinted form and put that information directly into your template so that this could be printed on plain paper. If this was done, you would probably want to use a two-column table. If you are working in a dual Word 97/Word 2000 environment, be sure to do all of your table building in your template using Word 97 or you may get surprising and disappointing results.

    Another thought is that you might want to be using textboxes that "flow".
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    Re: Template with two-page layout (Office 97/2000)

    Hi Gary & Chas,
    Thanks for your inspiration. I think both your answers will prove very useful.
    I am sorry that my explanation of the form fell a bit short so just to clarify (I hope), the pre-printed form is printed on size A3 paper folded once, thus creating a folder with 4 size A4 panels (portrait). The pre-printed information lives on the first page of this folder. In fact, the standard folder information is entered via a template on a blank piece of folded A3 paper (Yes I know, forcing folded pieces of paper through your printer is not healthy in the long run, but I'm dealing with legacy issues here). If you

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    Re: Template with two-page layout (Office 97/2000)

    Word 2000 allows you to print multiple A4 pages on a single A3 sheet (see File| Print| Pages Per Sheet) but there is no "imposition" support, so you may not get the orientation and order right.

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