I have pursued this issue to the point of contacting ASUS regarding the motherboard. The Vista Upgrade compatibility software did not consider the A7N8X-X incompatible with Vista but ASUS does. Of course, I can report that it is not incompatible, just limited. I had the Bios upgraded and it did not resolve the problem. The newest upgrade was dated 2004 so I didn't hold out much hope. I did resolve one issue. I installed a new Pioneer DVDRW/CDRW drive that advertised itself as Vista ready and I can now boot the Vista DVD if I remove the 3rd GB of memory. My old DVD would not boot under any condition. It would get to the green moving bar and freeze up. That is what it does when I have the 3rd GB of memory in the unit, as well. So, in spite of an otherwise good install, I have to resign myself to 2GB of memory. I have to admit to some disappointment but have learned a lot in my obsession to find the solution that does not exist (or so it would seem). I might install a new motherboard but I doubt it. There is so much new technology that I think I would be better served to build a new computer.