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    Captions without numbering (2003)

    Someone asked me if you can insert a caption (so it will show in a list of figures) but not have it auto number. She wants it to just say Figure: and then her text.

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    Re: Captions without numbering (2003)

    Huh? The point of the caption feature in Word is that numbering is automatic - if you rearrange the document, the numbering will adjust itself automatically when the document is printed. Without numbering, you might as well type in the word Figure: yourself. If that is too much work, you could make an AutoText entry for it that will insert the text with the desired formatting.

    By the way, were the replies to your <post#=647,127>post 647,127</post#>, <post#=649,626>post 649,626</post#>, <post#=652,079>post 652,079</post#>, and <post#=652,935>post 652,935</post#> helpful? Since you didn't provide feedback on them, other Loungers reading those posts don't know if the problem is solved.

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