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    Subform Query (2000)

    I have a subform whose recordset should filter records based on parameters from the main form.

    I would like the subform to only display records based on the following criteria:

    Each contractor should only show as a match if he/she is not already assigned to a request on the date and during the time listed:

    Example: if contractor A is assigned to a request on 7/1/07 from 9 am
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    Re: Subform Query (2000)

    The structure of tblContractor makes it more difficult than it need be. I wouldn't include 2 language and 4 zone fields in this table, but store this info in two separate tables, with a record for each contractor/language combination in one, and for each contractor/zone combination in the other. You can then use the Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields properties of the subform on the main form to link them.
    See the attached version. I left the append queries that I used to populate the new tables (they won't work here any more because I removed the language and zone fields from tblContractor).
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