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    IBM Thinkpad A20P

    Does anyone know what the dual function keys (blue symbols) mean on a IBM A20P, Type 2629 laptop keyboard?
    These Keys: (F3, F4, F7, F12, Home, Page Up,& End keys), plus FN ( blue color)- lower left corner are in question.
    My son gave me this laptop without any user guides.

    In addition, I lost the view of the screen and a local service guy said the invertor failed. An external monitor worked.
    Ordered a replacement from an IBM source, replaced the original invertor, still no screen.
    I use Windows XP Pro.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: IBM Thinkpad A20P

    The dual function keys usually have a graphic in blue indicating what the function is. Of course, these graphics are not always descriptive enough.
    Fn+F3 - turn off the display (make sure you did not do this)
    Fn+ F4 - go into standby mode
    Fn+F7 - Switch between the laptop display and an external monitor (check this out)
    Fn+F12 - go into hibernation mode
    Fn+home - turn up the LCD brightness
    Fn+ Page Up - turn the Think Light on and off
    Fn+ End - turn down the LCD brightness (check this out)


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