For all I know there may not be a single Lounger who uses QuicKeys, but I've been a user for many years and so I continue to hang on, as in <post:=557,050>post 557,050</post:>. I just wanted to point out a problem and I was tempted to make this post in the IE forum, but I don't really know if the problem lies with QuicKeys or IE7.

I have lots of QuicKeys "macros" established which I use to type repetitive text such as my email address, mailing address, software commands and so on. I mostly use the Ctrl-Winkey combo with an alpha character as the macro trigger. I hardly ever use IE7 except in cases of need, but I just discovered that when I hit the macro trigger for a QuicKeys command while in IE, the first character emitted by my macro is missing in action. That is, if I type Ctrl-Winkey-D it's supposed to emit "bigaldoc" but the "b" is missing. This is happening with all my macros, whereas they all work just fine in all text editors, Firefox and so on.

I plan to write to QuicKeys about this question.

By the way, here a freebie recommended by Alan Miller in the post referenced above: AutoHotkey