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    XP Updates (Windows XP SP2`)


    These are not problems, just questions concerning some things on the Microsoft Update site:

    1. Where does Microsoft keep your update and patch history that you can review when you go to the MS Update site? Is there a file on your computer (if there is, I haven't found it) or is it maintained on their server?

    2. Some of the updates have me confused. I'll see updates for Windows .NET 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0. Reading about them, it seems that each one supersedes the prior versions. However, if I start off with downloading and installing .NET 3.0, the next time I go to MS Update, it still lists the prior versions as downloads (albeit, not critical) that I should have. In the critical category, same thing with IE. I immediately install IE 7 after installing XP SP2, yet the next time around I'm still supposed to install the IE 6 Service Pack 1 and the subsequent security roll-up for IE 6 SP1? (In both situations, I made sure I did a reboot in between Update checks to make sure everything was completely installed.)

    Does the MS Update site really have a clear idea of what I need beyond the Tuesday security patches? Should I disable Automatic update, and not bother with these previous versions of .NET and IE?

    Thanks for any thoughts!


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    Re: XP Updates (Windows XP SP2`)

    Windows updates are listed in the Windows>$hf_mig$ folder. Opening up that folder will show you a list of all of the KBxxxxx updates on your system.

    You can also download a free utility that will also list the updates installed and give you a little more detail as to just what they are. WIDOWS UPDATE LIST
    Scroll about 2/3 down the page to find it.

    The .NET updates are later versions of the lower types. Supposedly 3.0 is the latest and should cover you OK but there are still some sites that may use the older versions and 3.0 may not be usable. So, I have all three versions installed and they are compatible with each other.

    So far as the other updates, I would let Windows Update do it's thing and install them all, except for any obvious updates that you may not really need. For example, I have not installed any hotfixes for Windows Messenger. In that case, there is a place in the MS update site for you to "hide" any particular updates that you do not wish to have. Just check the box, "hide this update ", and you won't see it listed except in the area marked "hidden updates". You can always go back in that area and install any of the hidden hotfixes at any time.

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