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    Copy alias as email address (2003)

    My TO: and FROM: (and CC: and BCC fields display addresses as their aliases (i.e., displays as Brown, John). For various reasons, I often need to copy all of my email recipients (from the TO: field) to other people, but when I copy them from the TO: field to the MESSAGE BODY field, all I get is the alias--not the email address. If I only had one or two addresses, then that's not so bad, but when I have several, it's very time-consuming to have to look up all the email addresses and send them to people. Is there any way to temporarily get my TO: field to display the email address so that I can copy them to the MESSAGE BODY field and then turn the aliases back on?

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    Re: Copy alias as email address (2003)

    Not that I can think of, but if you modify this line in <post#=648,703>post 648,703</post#> from:

    strRecipList = strRecipList & .Name & " ;<" & .Address & ">" & vbCrLf


    strRecipList = strRecipList & .Address & vbCrLf

    it should then place the list of SMTP addresses in the To: line into the clipboard for pasting.
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