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    identify matching cells in row (2003)

    I haven't been here in years and haven't used macros or even formulas for a few years. I remember what a great help all of you are though. I have a spreadsheet with about 30 columns that has 4 hospitals lined up by row. Each row is supposed to contain info for all four hospitals lined up on one line. I just found out the consultant did this manually and here and there a row is off by one. For instance, the charge code, drug name and price on row 4 under Hospital A should be on row 5 with the same codes for Hospital B and C. Not every hospital has each charge code but if they do, the charge codes will match. If it were two hospitals, I would just do =if(A3=G3, TRUE, FALSE). I tried to do =if(A3=G3=Z3, true, false) but it all came out false even if they did match. I can't re-sort the spreadsheet because it is matched to another set of codes that don't match from a new hospital. Is there a simple formula to help me?

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    Re: identify matching cells in row (2003)

    Welcome back!

    You can use


    for 3 hospitals; for 4 of them, you'd get something like


    (substitute the correct columns). The formula will only return TRUE if all values match.

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