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    Nice clean XP install? (XP Pro SP2)

    I'm about due for what has become a yearly ritual of pain - reinstalling Windows. Actually it comes somewhere between 1 and 2 years, but it is now overdue. I've read varying opinions for the need to reinstall XP, but with 2 teenagers who refuse to admit that anything they do could possibly be wrong, there are plenty of bugs and pests lurking in my system now.
    I always incorporate a nice new hard drive every time I reinstall Windows - it makes it easier for me to do the install without risking the loss of any files (plus, I'm just lazy). Then I can copy any files I want to keep over to the new drive at my leisure, and delete those I don't want. By far the biggest bugaboo I've encountered is preserving certain settings and files - such as favorites, email, user account information, etc. I found (can't remember where) a link to a Microsoft article about using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, which seemed to promise an easy, carefree process - but when I read through it carefully, it turns out that it assumes that if I'm not transferring files and settings to a new computer, that I'm installing XP in a dual boot configuration alongside another install of Windows that I don't want to get rid of. Apparently Microsoft doesn't think that anybody ever just reinstalls Windows.
    Is anyone aware of a way to migrate (for lack of a better term) files and settings - including, but not limited to, email (Outlook AND Outlook Express (my kids refuse to use Outlook for some reason) IE settings/favorites, and whatever other files & settings I'm not thinking of at the moment? It would be nice if I could choose NOT to migrate my address book, since during the last install I somehow corrupted my address book and haven't been able to use it for close to two years now.
    Last time I did it manually - I copied .dbx files for OE, .pst files for Outlook, a good deal of the Documents & Settings directory for IE settings and favorites - and it was a royal pain to get everything back to how it had been with the old install. I do not want to have to do that again - I just don't have the time & patience any more. If there's a better program for email - and I really don't care if I have to pay for it or not, as long as it is good - I'd love to hear about it! As far as IE is concerned, I'm ok sticking with that - I'm still using IE 6 (I'm not anxious to upgrade to 7, but that's based on the impression I retained from reading articles about it when it was first released).

    As always, thanks to the Lounge for putting up with my whining.
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    Re: Nice clean XP install? (XP Pro SP2)

    Check out Acronis True Image Ver 10. It can Image entire disks, or just documents or emails or address books to separate images to restore to another drive.
    You can get a <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15> trial download or buy it at: TRUE IMAGE PROMO

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