I know, it depends on what I'm doing. Well, here goes.

I am putting together a presentation for the Baccalaureates at our church. I have done it for the past 4 years and keep looking for ways to make it better. The first year I used PowerPoint and that worked OK but I was kind of sweating it when the music played, start and stop wasn't real consistent, there were other problems also.

Since then I have been using a combination of Microsoft Photo Story and Movie Maker. I like both of these programs for ease of use and the price is right. What I have been doing is putting together the photo montage in PS, then rendering the video, then I put it all together in MM, combining the photo slide shows with videos and laying music tracks over the whole thing. My complaints with this system is that the quality isn't that good, mainly with the photos, some of them aren't as sharp as I think they should be. Also, the titling in these programs is not that great and it is not an easy process to burn the finished product to a DVD.

I have tried some other programs, such as Adobe Elements and ProShow Gold. My problems with these 2 programs are that Adobe Elements does not do a good job with photos, Pan, Scan & Zoom are not as flexible as I would like, and the output quality is worse than PS. ProShow Gold does a good job with photos but video editing is weak. I also have Roxio Easy Media Creator, the quality on videos with this program was not very good either.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a program that could get this done. I'm not looking for a Hollywood production, just something that is nice, spending large amounts of money on this is not in my plans. I'm probably also limited by my computer, it's about 4 years old, not exactly sure of the specs. (I'm not on that one right now.) I appreciate any help that you may have to offer. Thanks.