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    Automatic extraction of information (Access 2007)

    Ok, so I am back, so far things have gone quite well, however, i am having trouble getting information from the query to the form the way I want, or think, it should go, but I will see if i can say this correctly, I have work card numbers and information with them in a table, I want to create a form, which is the easy part, then, when I input the number of the workcark I would like all the information from the table to go into the form, much like when you enter your name in a form and your mailing address shows up, just the same thing as a matter of fact, enclosed is a watered down version, according to everything I read about what i want I either am missing a step or just don't get it, which is possibly more the case, Hopefully the enclosed is enough to explain what i am trying to do, I thought I could send a watered down version of the original but I could not get it small enough.

    J. Batcheller
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    Re: Automatic extraction of information (Access 20

    Hi there

    Can you repost the database as the zip file only contains a short cut to the database <img src=/S/sad.gif border=0 alt=sad width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Automatic extraction of information (Access 2007)

    Reposted in <post:=654,693>post 654,693</post:>. This thread is locked to prevent duplication and confusion. Please post all replies in the new thread.

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