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    Using a form to populate an Associative Table (Access 2003)

    I have two main tables (1and 3) that are related by an associative table / entity (table 2). Tables 1 and 3 both have a one to many relationship with the associative table 2.

    I would like to use a form/sub-form to enable users to populate the associative table 2. For each record (or category) in table 1 I would like to provide the users with the option of assigning the category_id to any number (0, 1 or more) of the field_id in table 3 using a form.

    Could you let me know the best way of doing this?

    There are two issues.

    1) To assist the user in selecting the field description/ field_id: The method in the paragraph above will only work if the users know the field_id that they want to assign the category_id to. In practice this will not be the case and there could be potentially hundreds of entries. Therefore the number of possible entries with which the user is presented needs to be restricted. In other words the user will need to limit the number of fields to which they wish to assign the cat_id by filtering on the
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    Re: Using a form to populate an Associative Table (Access 2003)

    You cannot display dropdown lists in a list box.

    You could use cascading combo boxes to limit the choice successively. See the attached version; it uses code to update the combo boxes as needed.
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