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    Query results (2003)


    I have reviewing a new report created by someone else and it is in excel. It has its base data taken from a download and it exists in an excel tab as well as other data. The problem is that there is a summary report that is produced each month and new formulas and vlookups are created for the new month and it is time consuming to recreate. I would like to bring this into access and creat a user friendly interface to produce results and export into excel. It has certain fields like inpatient, er, and other hospital services in 1 column. In the next 3 columns to the right, there are financial calculations and they are grouped under a month above them. Can a query be developed to retrieve multiple months where the month column has those 3 financial fields under it? I thought about a crosstab query with months across the top but only 1 calculation can be used.

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    Re: Query results (2003)

    You could create 3 crosstab queries, one for each financial field, then create a 3th query that combines the results of the crosstab queries.
    But before doing so, ask yourself whether it is really necessary to reproduce the Excel "report" exactly in Access. A change of application is also a good opportunity to reassess what is really needed.

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