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    Convert to Word Document (Pub 2003)

    Is there a way to save a publisher document that I have created such as letterhead or whatever, and convert it to a word document? I would like to be able to work on the document and not have to go into publisher every time.

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    Re: Convert to Word Document (Pub 2003)

    If you have created a letter head, you can save it as a picture and then insert it into a word page.

    Select All, Then right click and 'Save as picture' Save with name then paste into word page. Save the Word page and then use it as your letter head.

    It probably will not look right in Word and will take some adjusting here and there in Pub and in word. Sometimes fonts will not transfer over correctely, spacing, sizing and etc.

    Also, you can 'save as' the whole pub file as a doc file. When you do a dialog box will tell you that it is only going to bring over text. But that is a way to get the text over to word. Then if you are going to use the text, you can remove all formating and then format it the way you want in Word.

    Hope it helps.

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