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    LiveChat - OS Dependence?

    Can someone help me understand if the software that Earthlink uses for their LiveChat support option might be OS dependent?

    Until last Sunday, 6/10/07, Earthlink's LiveChat worked or did not work depending on the skill of the tech at the other terminal. Last Sunday I opened a chat session and halfway through I could no longer see any responses the tech provided. After two 5 min periods with no apparent response, I broke the connection and requested a transcript. The transcript suggests that the tech could see my input, his failed to reach me. Is it possible that Earthlink updated their software and that it is no longer Win98 SE2 compatible?

    For years I've shut down my machine at the end of the day and rebooted each morning. I check my mail using the online feature, Webmail, to declare and eliminate any spam before downloading my email. I left the link 'open' and checked for new mail several times during the day. Sunday I was troubled because I saw no incoming mail in Webmail. I've not quite worked out the parameters, but it seems to me that if I shut down and reboot and open my browser, the latest version of Seamonkey, the complete Mozilla package, when I open the mail feature any mail in my account at Earthlink is 'automatically' downloaded to my machine. I do not have to ask for the download for it to take place.

    Am I getting 'subtle' messages that it is time for me to throw in the towel and upgrade my OS and hardware?

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    Re: LiveChat - OS Dependence?

    I can't answer you specific question about Earthlink and their LiveChat software but as someone still plodding along with Win98 (gold, not even SE) I wouldn't be at all surprised if Win 98 was no longer supported.

    I too screen my email remotely either via my ISP's own webmail interface or, more usually, by using MailWasher which is a separate app that doesn't require you to open your browser.

    The other thing you could look at are the settings in SeaMonkey. Here at work I use Mozilla suite (v1.7.12), if SeaMonkey is anything like its predecessor these notes ought help you to configure it to open only the browser on startup. In the browser click:
    Edit | Preferences
    select the Appearance option and then check only the tick box for Navigator

    You can also stop the mail client from automatically downloading new messages. In the mail client click::
    Edit | Preferences
    Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings
    select the Server Settings option and then find and uncheck the tick box for Automatically download new messages.


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