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    Word 2002 (Office Xp)

    I have created files in Word 2002. They look fine on the screen and in print preview, but when I print, the page it is reduced in size. All the text and graphics are reduced in size until the page margins are about 3 times what they are set at. My footer instead of being 1" from the bottom of the page is about 3" from the bottom of the page. Same with the right margin. Same information appears on the page as on the screen, just a smaller version. I've tried different printers, I've reinstalled my print drivers, I've printed old documents (pre-Word 2002) and they do the same thing. I'm using a True Type font. The only way I was able to get around it was to set up a page with headers and footers and print it. It was okay. I cut and pasted text from my original shrinking document into the new document--it shrunk. Removed pasted text and printed again, the page printed okay. Cut and paste from the original shrinking document one paragraph at a time and printed after each addition. It was fine. Was finally able to print the whole document without it shrinking. Saved the unshrinking file and also saved it with a new name to create my next chapter, deleted all the contents in the new chapter doc and added new content (typing in text). When I got done and printed this new chapter, same thing happened. Shrunk. My old used-to-be-working document shrinks now, too. Don't know what's going on. Can't find help anywhere.

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    Re: Word 2002 (Office Xp)

    Hi Jmills,

    Take a look under File/Print and see if anything has been set in Zoom options.
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    Re: Word 2002 (Office Xp)

    Maybe your document has comments or track changes? Under Word 2002 it seems to push everything up and to the left to allow for this feature. Before printing, accept (or reject) all changes, and get rid of comments.

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