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    .NET FRAMEWORK (XP 2.0 SP2 Pro Mediacenter)

    Windows XP SP2 Mediacenter. I had to restore my system from scratch. Within the 74 windows security update I had to re-apply, three applied to various version of .NET framework; They refused to install, at first. I managed to get two of them to install by re-installing/instamlling the various version of .NET. But, one update keeps coming back and refuses to install : Security update to .NET V 1.0 SVP 3 (KB887998). This triggered my thinking that may be I did not need all that software after all. I could not find any literature which would tell me use only 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0. Usually, the latest version of a product encompasses the previous ones. From what I read it doesn't seem to be the case with .NET. It seems that the Mediacenter version of Windows requires some version of .NET. I'm a standard user of Windows not a developer. Can I get rid of some of that software to help resolve my update problem ?

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    Re: .NET FRAMEWORK (XP 2.0 SP2 Pro Mediacenter)

    With the .Net Framework, the newer versions don't replace the older ones, but they add functionality.

    There are programs that need the .Net Framework to run; if you have such programs, I'd tell Windows (or Microsoft) Update to ignore KB887998.
    If you don't have such programs, you might consider removing all versions of the .Net Framework and tell Windows (or Microsoft) Update to ignore all related updates.

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