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    connect to SQL Server using ADO (WORD2000/VBA)

    What code would I use to connect to a SQL server/Database/Table?
    I have been able to connect using a stored query routine saved through MSQuery, but I want to connect directly to the table, and to pick up the contents od a field and put it in a combobox within a word form.

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    Re: connect to SQL Server using ADO (WORD2000/VBA)

    This code will open a SQL data base using ADO

    Dim cn As New ADODB.Connection
    Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset

    Sub OpenCMSDataBase()
    On Error GoTo ErrorLabel
    'Timeout is 15 seconds
    cn.ConnectionTimeout = 15
    cn.Open "Provider=MSDASQL;Driver={SQL Server};Server=ServerName;Uid=sa;Pwd=;Database=DAT ABASEName"

    end sub

    Do some research on ADO starting with <A target="_blank" HREF=>this site</A>. MS is moving things around, so this is not the best place to learn ADO, but you'll see some samples in there.
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