Day 3: The annoyances of the no-zoom tablet

Lincoln Spector

By now, I’m pretty comfortable now with Windows 8.1 — as long as I ignore that it’s Windows 8.1. With StartIsBack (site) installed, I can pretty much convince myself I’m using Windows 7.

(In fact, this morning I forgot that the Start menu isn’t built into Win8. When I right-clicked the taskbar to change a Properties setting, I was momentarily shocked not to find the Start Menu tab.)

It’s when I remove the tablet from its docking station that the Modern world of Windows raises its revolting head. One particularly big problem: There’s no convenient way to zoom in on the screen information.

If the text on an iPhone, an iPad, or any Android device is too small, you simply touch the screen with your thumb and forefinger and spread your fingers apart. The image zooms in — quick, convenient, and intuitive.

Not so with Win8 Metro/Modern interface. There’s no convenient way to zoom in or out. That’s not so bad with apps, which generally display decently sized text, but it’s horrible when you’re trying to read a webpage. On the tablet’s relatively small screen, the desktop-based browser displays print so small it should come with a health warning.

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Lincoln Spector

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