Problems with Firefox synching

If you’ve been using Firefox Sync to automatically update your history, add-ons, preferences, passwords, bookmarks, etc. between your various devices, you might want to check your settings. Mozilla apparently made a change last May that has gone largely unnoticed.

Prior to the change, the browser would sync stored passwords. It still does — but only if you turn off your Firefox master password. (Turning off the master password effectively defeats any Firefox password security.)

Based on recent tests, the Sync system only updates when you sign out of your Sync account and then sign back in. When you do, you’ll notice that the sync passwords option is grayed out if you have a master password set. That’s a real pain if you’re setting up a new system and using Firefox’s build-in password manager. Turning off the master-password option, synching, and enabling a master password does not seem to work.

Bottom line: Firefox’s synching is a bit less obtuse than it once was, but it’s also less capable.


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