A change in Windows Secrets leadership

Tracey Capen

To all Windows Secrets readers: With much regret and sorrow, I’m letting you know that this is the last full issue I will publish. After nearly seven years as the newsletter’s editor in chief, I have decided it’s time to move on to new adventures. This was strictly my decision.

Taking over the editorial group of Windows Secrets was an adventure in itself. In early 2010, I was living in California and looking for a new project. Brian Livingston invited me up to Seattle and convinced me to move up to the northwest. It was an excellent decision. It’s been a true privilege and honor to work with all of the Windows Secrets staff and contributors over the years. And I have to thank you, the loyal newsletter subscribers for your ideas, input, and support.

One of my next undertakings will be to spend more time on the small farm I purchased out on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. The lure of growing our own food is a strong motivation. But I’ll not stay away totally on tech journalism. After over 30 years in personal computing and 25 years of working for the likes of Infoworld, Corporate Computing, PC World, and Windows Secrets, writing and editing stories about the digital world is simply too ingrained.

I leave Windows Secrets with a clear conscience. In my place, the newsletter will be edited by the highly capable Lisa Schmeiser, content director for Supersite for Windows. And you’ll see informative stories by the excellent Rich Hay — a Windows expert many of you might know from Supersite for Windows and Windows IT Pro.

Again, thank you for your years of support.

A bit of Windows Secrets housekeeping

You might have noticed that I said this was my last full issue. We will put out a small newsletter on Dec. 29 for the regular, second-monthly Patch Watch column. Windows updating stops for no one.

Lisa will also skip the first week of January so she and Rich can attend the CES show in Las Vegas (Jan. 5 through 8). Look for new stories about the show and how-tos from Fred Langa on Jan. 10.

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Tracey Capen

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