A remote Windows Secrets Thanksgiving

To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, Windows Secrets’ editor in chief is on the road, visiting family.

This age of Internet everywhere and mobile computing makes remote publishing relatively easy — especially with a bit of preparation.

In this case, the challenge was setting up a temporary, remote office in a home with adobe walls and a wireless router sitting at the wrong end of the house. It’s a networking nightmare. Fortunately, Windows Secrets stories such as Lincoln Spector’s June 20, 2013, article, “Filling Wi-Fi holes once and for all,” plus tips in the Lounge helped provide answers.

Source: luckypalm.com

The equipment list for the mobile office included a ThinkPad notebook, external monitor and keyboard, two powerline networking adapters, and a small Wi-Fi-equipped router. The setup was fully configured and tested before being packed up for the car journey from Seattle, Washington, to Monterey, California. (The drive included a snowstorm in central Oregon.)

Preconfiguring the portable network proved to be a valuable exercise. Setting up the remote office in Monterey took less than 20 minutes and went without a hitch. The powerline adapters delivered Ethernet from the main Comcast router at one end of the house to the temporary Windows Secrets office at the other end of the house. The portable router’s Wi-Fi provided Internet connections to two notebooks and a smartphone.

Setting up a portable office proved a relatively easy challenge. Perhaps we’ll try publishing from somewhere even more pleasant — such as Hawaii.

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