Break time! Next issue will be Feb. 7

Brian livingston By Brian Livingston

They say honest work never hurt anyone, but we do need a chance once in a while to sleep in between bouts of digging up for you the secrets of Windows.

That’s why we publish our newsletter weekly, except on any 5th Thursday of the month that occurs. Next Thursday, the 31st of the month, is the 5th Thursday in January.

That week, we’ll belocked away, burrowing into Microsoft technical manuals, looking for more tricks to reveal to you — and we won’t publish again until Feb. 7. (We also skip the week of Thanksgiving and the last two weeks of August and December, but you knew that.)

Keep sending us your tips via the Windows Secrets contact page, and we’ll continue to reveal to you the best insider facts that we possibly can. Thanks for your support!.

Brian Livingston is editorial director of and the co-author of Windows Vista Secrets and 10 other books.

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